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Sunny morning run before the rest of the world gets up = a good start to a long weekend

Signed up for my first Good Gym sessions today. In the next few weeks I’ll be going on a group run and a litter pick. Looking forward to helping in the community, meeting new people and improving fitness along the way

I do not enjoy getting up early however I am looking forward to an early start for Dawn Chorus Day on May 1

Weeknote 16/22

I’m a little out of the habit writing these weeknotes having been on holiday and then seemingly incapable of dedicating time to them in the week before or after. I’ll summarise the lost weeks here instead: Week 13 — All focus on getting everything tied up with a neat bow before going away. Overall …

New favourite wordle spin-off framed.wtf 🎬🎥🍿

Running through a field of cows in the middle of the city still feels like a novelty

For me Bank Holidays are about baking and beer. Bonus points this weekend for baking with beer. Spiced stout hot cross buns on the menu today 😋

Weeknote 12/22

📋 We’re running an open week for our accountability group in the last week of March, so I spent some time setting up and planning sessions for that. We’ve doubled the number of participants, and added a couple of bonus sessions, so it requires a little more logistical effort than usual. ❓ I attended …

For a fleeting moment this afternoon the sun reflecting off the crackle glaze on this little pot made a beautiful pattern that reminded me of marbling

I have a long-standing desire to “be more creative” and I think I’ve always equated that to doing more drawing, printing, photography etc. Today I realised the hour or so that I spend cooking every day is creative time. Seems so obvious now, I’m unsure how I didn’t see it before

Weeknote 11/22

⚡ I spent a good chunk of my working time this week preparing for an event series I’m trialling. The first session is next week and I’m just ironing out the details ahead of that. ✉️ I delayed sending my newsletter and decided to switch to a new schedule of two emails per month. As work is getting …

Weeknote 10/22

🏃 Started the week running a sub 35-minute 5k. This is an achievement on two fronts 1) I’ve not run this far all year 2) I rarely run faster than 7 minutes per km (on average). 💻 Monday to Wednesday afternoons I attended virtual co-working sessions (one of which I hosted). I find these really …

Finished reading: Great Circle by Maggie Shipstead 📚 Enjoyed this adventure yarn and getting to know Marian Graves. Wasn’t sure about the need for the modern plot, but it made itself known in the end.

In my accountability group this morning I appreciated being asked what I am looking forward to this week as well as what I need to get done

Weeknote 09/22

🤹 This week I’ve been working on four main projects and felt like I took significant steps forward in each of them. I generally find that having more to do makes me more efficient, plus there’s the benefit of being able to switch project when I’m bored/stuck/need some variety. 📆 I shared the details …

Weeknote 08/22

Rounding off the month with what was for me a really good week both personally and professionally. 🗓️ I ran the Feb/March monthly planning session on Monday. Each time I’m gradually refining my process and I’ve got an idea how to adapt my Notion setup to better link daily-weekly-monthly reviews …

Super excited - just bought tickets to see my first Red Roses match live. Taking my Dad back to Welford Road where we used to spend every Saturday hanging out and watching rugby when I was a kid.

Weeknote 07/22

Let’s try this again. I drafted most of my weeknote yesterday but committed the cardinal error of doing so directly in the browser and then accidentally closed the tab before I was done! I’m trying on a different structure inspired by maique’s ThingsThisWeek. ⏸️ I finished reading Do Pause by Robert …

Just updated my /now page ekcragg.co.uk/now/

Finished reading: Do Pause by Robert Poynton 📚 This book has prompted so many questions for me to explore around how I create and use pauses in my life and work. Highly recommend.

Weeknote 06/22

Home — I’ve been home alone the majority of this week. I survived pretty well without reverting to student / bachelor behaviour. Mostly because I planned my meals and did a big shop at the start of the week (that’s usual, but I tend to let it slip when I’m on my own) and I allowed …

Watching rugby with my wife. “I like their bonnets” she says 🤣

One of my favourite things to do is a solo trip to the cinema. It felt good to be back there yesterday after too long. I watched Nightmare Alley which is definitely a film of two halves.

Spotted my first snowdrops in the park today and was pleased to see the friendly bullfinches are back. Roll on Spring.

Weeknote 05/22

Let’s get right to it… Home – Cleaned the flat on Monday evening and what a difference it makes to the experience living and working at home during the week! I’m really going to make a concerted effort to do this regularly so doesn’t become a “big thing”. Keeping …