Testing posting from Google Keep after seeing all the chat about posting from Apple Notes.

Every December I aim to hold out as long as I can on putting the decorations up. My one concession this year is the wreath I made at a work social this week which is now up on the front door.

Woven willow hoop with evergreen and ivy decorations.

My Spotify Wrapped has taught me one thing: I need to take more control over the music I listen to and not lazily listen to the daily mixes that the algorithm throws up 🎶

I remember a time when it seemed all the links shared in newsletters went to Medium. It’s the same now but for Substack 🙄

Finished reading: If I Survive You by Jonathan Escoffery 📚

Finished reading: The Galaxy, and the Ground Within by Becky Chambers 📚

Sad to reach the end of the wayfarer series but excited to read more from Becky Chambers and the worlds she creates.

I’m a convert to reading microblog timelines via RSS, in Feedbin it’s such a smooth experience. But I find it reduces the amount I post and interact which makes me sad.

Finished reading: Old God’s Time by Sebastian Barry 📚

Barry is one of my favourite authors and I’ve enjoyed losing myself in his writing before but this one proved a challenge.

Enola Holmes, 2020 - ★★

I’d heard good things about this. It was entertaining enough for a rainy Saturday afternoon but I have two lingering questions: - Why did the there need to be a boy? - Why did Susan Wokoma not get more screen time?

Fanfic, 2023 - ★★½

The story has so much potential. Sadly the execution didn’t match up. Feels like there would have been much more scope to develop the characters and give their stories more depth if it were a series.

The best thing about substack newsletters is that they have RSS feeds.

Finished reading: Open Water by Caleb Azumah Nelson 📚

Astonishing. I couldn’t put this down, just wanted to float in the words. There’s an art to writing fiction that feels like poetry. This story is tender and it also punches you in the gut.

Fixed some minor issues on my bike all by myself aided by tools borrowed from work and tutorials on youtube 💪

Finished reading: This Is How You Lose the Time War by Amal El-Mohtar 📚

This one grew on me. I enjoyed the letters but felt a little lost in the rest of the narrative. Also not sure I’ve ever read a co-authored fiction book before, and if I hadn’t have known I couldn’t have told you that was the case.

📸 September 2023 photo challenge. Day 30: Treasure

This tree stood for around 300 years on Hadrian’s Wall. This past week it was purposefully felled by vandals. I can’t comprehend it. We’ve lost a treasure and a symbol of our region.

Sycamore tree on Hadrian’s Wall against a light blue sky dappled with cloud.

📸 September 2023 photo challenge. Day 29: Contrast

I’m a sucker for a crane against a crisp blue sky.

White skyscraper and red crane against a crisp blue sky.

📸 September 2023 photo challenge. Day 28: Workout

List of workouts recorded on Strava during September. Includes kettlebells, dumbbells and hockey training.

📸 September 2023 photo challenge. Day 27: Embrace

Puppy being held in a man’s arms.

When I follow baking recipes two things happen without fail: the cooking time is longer and the amount of items made is always short.

It’s so disappointing when your tasty pint isn’t listed on Untappd 😞🍺