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Plus ça change… Bristol City condemn abuse towards women’s manager Lauren Smith www.bbc.co.uk/sport/foo…

Two days and two pretty dismal batting performances by England at the Commonwealth Games. They’re going to have to be at the top of their game in the field to win the bronze 🏏🥉

Finished reading: The Lamplighters by Emma Stonex 📚 Should have gone with my gut on this one and stopped reading before I’d committed too much to it. Meh 🤷🏼

Today I am thankful for the opportunity to get out and about (and walk more than 100 metres). I am looking forward to a day at the beach tomorrow.

Negative test this morning = going on holiday this afternoon 🥳

⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️ Here we go!

On living in the moment: Today, this one-of-a-kind day

Weeknotes 28-29/22

✅ With a grand total of two working days over the past two weeks my focus has been on the absolute essentials; planning activities for my next group coaching sessions, creating worksheets for said activities and preparing to launch my next group programme. ⚽ We took a trip to London to see Germany v …

Currently reading: The Lamplighters by Emma Stonex 📚 Always a little apprehensive when starting a book bought as a gift. Let’s see how this goes.

It’s Norway vs Austria for us at the Euros tonight. I’ll always take the game with something to play for over a dead rubber ⚽️

Today I am grateful that it is significantly cooler in the north east than it is in the south. I am looking forward to sleeping in my own bed.

Today I am grateful for seeing Izzy again after five days apart. I am looking forward to being at the Germany v Spain Euros match tonight.

Weeknote 27/22

🗓️ I’ve been feeling slightly apprehensive about the amount of work I have on and the limited days I have available in July. So I was pleased to hear a content migration job I’ve been waiting to get scheduled has been pushed back again. It gives me a bit of breathing room. 📑 Had a good meeting with …

Sports day… 🏉 Australia v England 🎾 Rybakina v Jabeur 🏏 England v India ⚽️ Netherlands v Sweden

This is my favourite tree in Jesmond Dene. I love the variety of colours and how it catches the late afternoon light. Do you have a favourite tree in your local park?

Weeknote 26/22

It’s Sunday afternoon and by some small miracle I’m here posting my weeknote! 🪞 On Monday I had a great conversation with Kerry Bertram of Brilliant Thing via LinkedIn Live on the broad theme of reflection. We talked about the power of pausing, creative ways to reflect and the importance …

Weeknote 25/22

🙋🏼 Ran the second session of my group coaching programme on the theme of identity. I also got a head start on planning activities and creating materials for the remaining sessions. 🤔 Spent a good chunk of time thinking about how I position my business and talk about what I do. 💡 I’ve been thinking …

January to June in my local park

A chair collapsed underneath me today. Now I find myself viewing all chairs that I approach with suspicion

Human beings are like jazz musicians; always improvising. Fortuitous to be in the car with 6Music on the radio yesterday to catch Herbie Hancock on The First Time with Matt Everitt

Weeknote 24/22

🏆 My Pod co-host and I have been shortlisted in the Freelance Impact category at YunoJuno’s Freelancer Awards. Voting is now open! 🖐 Finalised materials for next week’s group coaching session on identity to send out to participants. 📅 Added details of the regular events I run to my homepage (a job …

Spent the morning with Hockney at Salts Mill. Fell in love with a tree 😍

Weeknote 23/22

🌟 The first session of my group coaching pilot was on Tuesday and it couldn’t have gone better. We started with a benchmarking activity which we’ll review at the end of the programme to help judge what progress has been made. The theme of the week was values, so the rest of the time we explored how …

Finished reading: The Locals by Jonathan Dee 📚 Found this massively underwhelming, if not irritating. Dee seemed to start lots of plot lines and then just let them trail off. About two thirds through I asked my wife if anything happened before the end, she said yes… it did not.

When I started co-working at Good Space in Commercial Union House we knew that one day it would be knocked down. Four years later they finally did it and this is all that remains