Poppy and I had breakfast in the park this morning to make the most of a rare glimpse of the sun.

Selfie of Poppy, a black miniature schnauzer, and the author sitting on a park bench with a field and clear blue sky making up the background.

Jettisoning networking in favor of kinworking means taking a more ecological approach, one oriented towards nurturing the soil, planting seeds, providing water and sunlight—and then accepting that you have no control over what grows.

From Make kin not nets by Mandy Brown

Finished reading: Pageboy by Elliot Page 📚

It’s important we hear trans people tell their stories and this felt like a necessary read. Although, I did find the jumping around through time a challenge to the reading experience.

Submarine, 2010

Senna, 2010 - ★★★★

It’s been a while since I’ve watched a good documentary and this didn’t disappoint. Izzy’s pick for film night and it kept both of us non-F1 fans engaged and informed.

Got my pal Poppy staying for the next five days 🥰

Black miniature schnauzer sitting on the arm rest of a green sofa and looking towards the camera.

Shifting feelings on blogging

For about a year, I lost my desire to write. I didn’t know why I was doing it. Who it was for. I’ve been in a funk, and it’s been bothering me. But over the last week or two, I can sense something shifting. I’m starting to feel excited about the possibility of returning to blogging.

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I forgot that one of the things I love most about Wimbledon is Heather Watson’s mum 😁🎾

Licorice Pizza, 2021

Gave up on the hour mark, just after Sean Penn’s character is introduced. Sometimes I don’t have the patience for films where I can’t connect with at least one character.

Finished reading: Sisters by Daisy Johnson 📚

Unsettling. Daisy Johnson creates such atmospheric worlds. Now I want to re-read Everything Under.

I sacked off work this afternoon to finish this print project. A trial of using Ternes Burton pins for registration ahead of another multi-block project on the horizon.

Two colour linocut print of an orange tip butterfly.DIY printing setup with Ternes Burton pins taped to cardboard. A pile of paper with Ternes Burton tabs attached sits alongside.