Is there anything more excruciating than writing about yourself?

Here I’ve collected together some things you might want to know about me…


I’m a foody – I love to cook and eat delicious meals.

I’m a sports fanatic – I play, I watch, I listen to almost anything (the main exceptions being golf and cars).

I’m an avid reader – I have ecclectic taste as long as there’s a good hook.

I’m a creative dabbler – I started with watercolour as a kid, took up photography as a teen and turned my hand to linocut printing as an adult.

I’m a cinephile – I may not have seen all the latest blockbusters but ask me about the random stuff I watched as a student.

Outlook on life

Simple things make me very happy. Things like:

  • looking at the moon
  • a tasty pint of beer
  • being by the sea
  • getting my favourite seat in the cinema

I tend towards optimism.

Work stuff

I have a portfolio career including a variety of roles…

  • Facilitator - creating spaces for reflection and planning.
  • Coach - helping independent workers to pause, reflect and make conscious choices about how they work.
  • Content Designer - crafting content to meet user needs and business goals.

Elsewhere on the web

There’s more info about my work on my website, where you can also sign up to receive my musings on personal development in the form of a monthly newsletter.

I’m trying to focus as much as possible on using as my main personal journal, but you’ll find occasional posts over on: