A well balanced Sunday

  • reading in bed with dog on lap
  • creating a master meal plan to make weekly planning and shopping easier
  • virtual games (junior Catan) with nephews
  • Liverpool vs City
  • roast chicken dinner

Finished reading: Parable of the Talents by Octavia E. Butler πŸ“š

I wasn’t as engaged with this book as I was with the first in the series. The telling of the story felt disjointed. However I’m pleased to have seen how Lauren’s story unfolded.

Finished reading: China Lake by Meg Gardiner πŸ“š

Looking for a new (to me) crime series with a female lead. Trying out a few options by Meg Gardiner. First up Evan Delaney.

Weeknote 09/24

Better late than never, here are a few things from the week that was: I took Wednesday off to spend with Izzy after she returned from a week away at work I moved desks - I’m now on my third desk in 9 months I caught up on a few smaller projects that took a back seat while I worked on a tender document in my freelance time this week, I worked on tasks associated with relaunching my coaching practice and had a very fruitful supervision session I recovered from an annoying hip injury to play two hockey matches over the weekend, including the O35 Plate competition quarter-final which we lost on penalty shuffles Izzy went away again over the weekend and I subsisted on supermarket pizza and beer for three days I went back to try again with Picard - so far I’m enjoying the second season way more than season one on Sunday Aggie arrived for a few days stay

Petite Maman, 2021 - β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…

Small and perfectly formed. I wouldn’t expect anything less from Celine Sciamma.

Weeknote 07/24

I still don’t feel that I’ve fully got into a rhythm for my freelance days. At the moment I’d say I’m only spending 1 day at most on this work. As a result I made the decision this week to bump a couple of workshops I had originally scheduled to happen in March. They’ll now take place in May. I’m spending much of my freelance time at the moment focused on repositioning my coaching practice and working towards re-accreditation with the International Coaching Federation.

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Finished reading: The Shadow District by Arnaldur Indridason πŸ“š

All of Us Strangers, 2023 - β˜…β˜…β˜…

There was a moment about three quarters of the way through the film when I became aware of the soundtrack of sobs in the cinema screen. I wondered briefly why my heart was so impenetrable today. Then Harry’s story reached its denouement and I felt my heartstrings being tugged. This portrait of loneliness and grief made a lot more sense when the credits rolled and I saw it was based on a novel by a Japanese author.

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Official Competition, 2021 - β˜…β˜…β˜…

I knew I was going to enjoy this as soon as Lola started flicking through her annotated script.

Weeknotes 05-06/24

Week 5 After a busy weekend, I mostly took Monday off to catch up with myself I did some digital spring cleaning, got some household chores done and made a plan for the lino project I want to take to my upcoming induction at the print studio. I watched Bottoms for Monday movie night. I really wanted to like it more than I did. We had a dog sitting duty Tuesday to Friday which meant I worked from home for an extra day.

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Maestro, 2023 - β˜…β˜…

Lacking in chemistry, I got zero connection with the characters. Although very well acted, as you’d expect, it left me totally cold. Had I been watching on my own I reckon I’d have switched off before the hour.

Finished reading: Parable of the sower by Octavia E. Butler πŸ“š

Outstanding. I can’t explain the comfort (not sure that’s the right word… hope, maybe?) this book gave me despite the world it is set in. I’m not ready to let it go yet.

Is it possible to go into a bookshop or library and only come out with the specific thing you went in for? Asking for a friend πŸ“š

Bottoms, 2023 - β˜…β˜…β˜…

Watched on Monday January 29, 2024.

Weeknote 04/24

Monday saw the first monthly planning session of the year. We had a great turnout of 20 participants which is largely due to teaming up with Freelancer Magazine this year for some cross-promotion. Later the same day I had my first 1-1 coaching supervision. Previously I’ve done group supervision but it was great to be able to focus on my own practice for the hour. I came away with lots to think about!

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Wingwomen, 2023 - β˜…β˜…β˜…

Watched on Sunday January 28, 2024.

Finished reading: Convenience Store Woman by Sayaka Murata πŸ“š

Now (January 2024)

The latest look at where my energy and attention is focused now… Freelance work With my full focus in the run up to the end of last year on my freelancer away days, I am a little slow off the mark with plans for this year. Here are some things I know right now: I’m refreshing my coaching offer I’ve got a new supervisor and am excited for the work we’ll do together I’m continuing to run free monthly planning sessions I’ve got two freelance manifesto workshops scheduled Beyond that, we’ll see.

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Finished reading: Foster by Claire Keegan πŸ“š

Another remarkable story. We join somewhere in the middle and leave before its end, yet Keegan’s writing always feels like just enough.

Caramel, 2007 - β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…

There is great depth in the apparent simplicity of this film. Any film Nadine Labaki touches is immediately on my watchlist.