Better late than never, here are a few things from the week that was:

  • I took Wednesday off to spend with Izzy after she returned from a week away
  • at work I moved desks - I’m now on my third desk in 9 months
  • I caught up on a few smaller projects that took a back seat while I worked on a tender document
  • in my freelance time this week, I worked on tasks associated with relaunching my coaching practice and had a very fruitful supervision session
  • I recovered from an annoying hip injury to play two hockey matches over the weekend, including the O35 Plate competition quarter-final which we lost on penalty shuffles
  • Izzy went away again over the weekend and I subsisted on supermarket pizza and beer for three days
  • I went back to try again with Picard - so far I’m enjoying the second season way more than season one
  • on Sunday Aggie arrived for a few days stay