Week 5

After a busy weekend, I mostly took Monday off to catch up with myself I did some digital spring cleaning, got some household chores done and made a plan for the lino project I want to take to my upcoming induction at the print studio.

I watched Bottoms for Monday movie night. I really wanted to like it more than I did.

We had a dog sitting duty Tuesday to Friday which meant I worked from home for an extra day.

Black schnauzer lying on a green sofa.

On Saturday, I went to Wakefield to play hockey. It was a close match, in which we spent the majority camped in our defensive half. However, we held strong, defended a slender lead and finally came away with three points.

I rounded the week off by giving blood (on a Sunday!) It was my 37th donation and keeps me on track to reach 40 within the year of my 40th birthday. It was a good donation day as there were mint Clubs on offer in the refreshment area.

Week 6

This was a week of ups and downs.

The ups

  • I had my belated 6-month review at my part-time job and without fanfare passed probation
  • I moved my newsletter to Buttondown and sent out an update to tell subscribers about my intended changes to the format and frequency
  • I made progress on the repositioning work I’ve been doing for my coaching practice

The downs

  • I caught a bug towards the end of the week and ended up having a sick day on Friday
  • I recovered enough to play hockey but made a mistake that gifted the opposition a goal and, as it turned out, the victory
  • I spend Sunday full of rage for no apparent reason