I think I drank more tea than usual. It’s cold. We had a little snow. And mostly I’m feeling like hibernating until spring would be a good idea.

The highlight of this week was a visit from Aggie who stayed with us from Monday to Wednesday. She supervised my work from the comfort of her bed…

Close up of white dog looking eagerly towards camera from her bed. Paws overspilling the edge.

At the job job this week I was mostly focused on running client workshops. The first was for a site that’s about to launch giving their editors an introduction to writing for the web. Then I ran a workshop to gather information to allow me to create a site map for a new site being created from the merger of four orgnizations. The workshop itself was good overall; the clients had a lot to say and we went down a few rabbit holes, but I think we all got what we needed. And I have a better idea of what we should be doing in the follow up workshop next week.

On Wednesday I was back at virtual coworking for the first time this year. I enjoy the routine of dialling in for a few hours each week. I always meet someone new and have a good chat during the break. This week during the session I did some vital workshop admin.

Something that’s been on my to do list for months is to decide what I’m doing with my newsletter. It’s been on hiatus since I took a social media break in the summer. This week I’ve finally decided on an approach. It won’t be coming back as a regular thing. Instead I’ll focus on rediscovering the joy of writing and posting to my neglected blog. I’ll maintain my mailing list and send occasional updates about what’s going on in my world.

My movie of the week was The Lost Daughter which I really enjoyed. I’d been avoiding it for no apparent reason and I’m so glad I finally got over myself.

I was due to be travelling to Whitby on Saturday morning to play hockey. They called on Friday night to say there was still snow on the pitch. Unsurprisingly nothing had changed before we were due to set off on Saturday morning so the game was cancelled. I took myself out for a walk instead. There was still some hockey for me that day though as I got to watch GB beat Ireland and qualify for this summer’s Olympics.

I spent the rest of Saturday on the sofa reading a trashy queer romance which is about all my brain had capacity for. And yes, that means I’m no longer reading The Three Musketeers. I was finding it hard to get into so put it on hold for a while.

Izzy and I decided we weren’t really enjoying season 2 of The Tourist (after 3 episodes) so we are now finally watching Mare of Easttown, which is as good as everyone says it is.