The highlight of my week was a fleeting visit from my sister who was in town for a conference. It was novel to spend time just the two of us. And I didn’t know how much I needed it.

I ran the last of my freelancer away days on Monday. We met online for three 90-minute workshops to review what happened in 2023, set intentions for 2024 and start planning the projects that will help us reach our goals. A thoroughly rewarding day.

At the job-job I planned a couple of workshop activities to gather ideas for the new site information architecture, agreed an approach for a resource to help clients understand what they need to do to prepare their content for a site launch and delivered a presentation to the project managers on how they can talk to their clients about our content design services.

I added 33km to the distance challenge. This total included a brutal post-workshop run, an enjoyable lunchtime walk with colleagues for coffee and cake, and a solo jaunt taking the Metro a few stops east then walking home.

We were away in Leeds for this week’s hockey match. It was another frustrating day out with a scoreline that should have been closer.

I’ve started reading The Three Musketeers. Was indecisive about what film I wanted to watch and ended up binging the whole of season 2 of The Good Fight instead.