The latest look at where my energy and attention is focused now…

Part-time employment

In the last week of June I started a new part-time job. It’s a return to content design at a local digital agency. I’m their first part-time employee and the only content designer. I’m also returning to employment after freelancing full time for the past five years. It’s safe to say that we’ll be spending the first month or two finding our feet!

Freelance work

The summer has always been a quiet time for my freelance work so my main focus at the moment is planning for events later in the year. I’m in the process of confirming dates and venues, then I’ll be moving on to setting up booking systems and thinking about how I go about marketing them.

Summer social sabbatical

I’ve been off social media (primarily Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn) since the start of June. With the exception of checking in from time to time to respond to messages I’ve pretty much gone cold turkey. And as expected, it’s been liberating. I’ve already decided that I won’t be going back to Twitter and I’ll be re-establishing some boundaries with the other platforms.

Making connections

Every Wednesday afternoon when I’m free I run Unoffice Hours. These 30-minute calls are opportunities for us to get to know each other or catch up. There’s no agenda, we’ll just see where the conversation takes us.

On Monday mornings (and sometimes Wednesdays too) you’ll find me journaling alongside other members of the Sonder community. It’s currently a closed space but we’re exploring how we can make it more visible and accessible soon.


I’m enjoying spending my time off pottering around in my yard. This year I’ve put a bit more effort into making it an enjoyable space to hang out on sunny days (and also hang the washing).

The summer means it’s the cricket season so I’m rarely seen without TMS on the radio. It’s debatable whether this should come under the heading of relaxing, especially during an Ashes series, but there’s always hope!

Then there’s the usual walking, reading, cooking and eating, plus the occasional messy craft project.

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