I took 12 photos from the same spot in a local park this year. One for every month of the year, just to see how things changed over time.

What surprised me is how little these pictures really differ, and those differences are mostly down to the weather and time of day the picture was taken.

January January - view along path through avenue of birch, sycamore and oak trees February February - no leaves on the trees and undergrowth sparse March March - first daffodils breaking through April April - undergrowth beginning to fill out May May - leaves returing to trees June June - blanket of white from seed pods covers path July July - ground wet underfoot and first leaves falling August August - first gaps showing in tree canopy September September - undergrowth beginning to die back October October - leaves starting to turn yellow, with as many on ground as in trees November November - last of greenery on trees with autumn colours underfoot December December - trees bare and leaves on ground starting to decay