🏆 My Pod co-host and I have been shortlisted in the Freelance Impact category at YunoJuno’s Freelancer Awards. Voting is now open!

🖐 Finalised materials for next week’s group coaching session on identity to send out to participants.

📅 Added details of the regular events I run to my homepage (a job that’s been on the to do list for too long).

📰 Sent my newsletter which includes a new article on metaphors for goal setting.

🔮 Gave myself some time to zoom out and think ahead to what I want to work towards the rest of the year.

📢 I’ve committed to spending a block of time each week on marketing as it’s something I typically avoid doing. I’m about three weeks in now and slowly building a habit.

☕ Had a virtual coffee with a fellow facilitator to chat about what we’re both working on and agreed to do a LinkedIn live conversation about reflection.

📷 Revisited my Flickr account to find some images for a coaching activity. Had a tidy up and started planning an inspiration jaunt while we’re on holiday to get out exploring with my camera again.

👀 Went to the cinema to see Everything Everywhere All At Once.

🌳 Saw Hockney’s A Year in Normandie exhibition at Salts Mill. Spent considerable time with one tree. Bought a poster of wildflowers from the Arrival of Spring exhibition and a few postcards from the Normandy series.

🐯 By some miracle I was able to avoid hearing the outcome from Saturdays Gallagher Premiership Final so I could watch it on catch-up on Sunday night. As a Leicester supporter I was on the edge of my seat for much of the second half and practically holding my breath for the final 5 minutes.