📆 It’s been a funny old week. Through travel and Bank Holidays I worked three days (two full, two half). It was quiet as we’re between Pods and many people are away for the school holidays. Without my usual standing commitments I had the opportunity to zoom out a little and think about longer term plans.

🧠 One thing I’ve been trying to figure out if the connections (and gaps) between the different things I do, how I communicate that and what I can do to make it more coherent.

📋 There were still a few logistical things to set up for June’s Pod and my group coaching pilot programme that both start next week.

👑 I have mostly been avoiding anything to do with the Queen’s Jubilee. My one concession was baking some scones for Izzy to take to her church gathering.

🏏 I spent the end of the week pottering at home with the first test match between England and New Zealand on the radio.

🥃 Joined friends on Friday for a birthday celebration in the local beer cafe. Sadly they’d run out of whiskey for our final drink of the night, but they did have some coffee tequila as a back up. It was delicious — I may be a convert!

🎨 I’ve been meaning to get back into watercolour painting for some time. This weekend I finally started a Domestika course to ease me back in.