I’m a little out of the habit writing these weeknotes having been on holiday and then seemingly incapable of dedicating time to them in the week before or after. I’ll summarise the lost weeks here instead:

  • Week 13 — All focus on getting everything tied up with a neat bow before going away. Overall feeling: pressure.
  • Week 14 — 10 days away visiting family and friends, and exploring cities and countryside throughout England and Wales. Overall feeling: joy.
  • Week 15 — Back to work trying to pick up where I left off and get used to being back inside for the majority of the day. Overall feeling: acceptance.

So what of this week?

🗨️ This week’s journaling prompts have been a selection of quotes. I’ve been writing up my responses on Fragmented Thoughts.

💻 A former colleague recently got in touch to see if I still take on freelance content work and this week we spoke to agree what that would look like.

✍️ I also got to the final stage in the onboarding process for some associate work I’m doing as an essay marker for a coaching qualification.

📋 My other main work time this week has been spent on content and marketing for a new group coaching programme I’ve put together which starts next month.

💭 And I’ve been doing some thinking about how all the pieces of my offer fit together and where there might be gaps to fill.

🌳 I’ve been making some tweaks to my daily routines, all of which so far I’ve felt the benefit of: drinking more water, creating more regular opportunities for fresh air and exercise and reducing time spent on email and social media.

🚆 Got the train home to visit my parents for the weekend. It was busy yet everyone was in good humour. A lot of groups heading to Wembley for the boxing.

🌹 Dad and I went back to Welford Road for the first time in about 20 years (we used to have season tickets there for Leicester Tigers when I was a teenager). We watched our first live Red Roses match. England only really got up to speed in the second half, scoring 9 of their 11 tries at the end opposite to where we were sitting. Nevertheless it was an enjoyable day out in the sunshine and good to see them play live.