📋 We’re running an open week for our accountability group in the last week of March, so I spent some time setting up and planning sessions for that. We’ve doubled the number of participants, and added a couple of bonus sessions, so it requires a little more logistical effort than usual.

❓ I attended a Q&A about business insurance. Sounds dull but was actually super helpful (and not at all dry) thanks to the enthusiasm of the speaker.

👣 I also attended an onboarding session for an associate role I’m taking on through Barefoot Coaching. It was both helpful to walk through the various processes and good to meet my fellow associates.

💬 On Thursday evening, I ran my first Sobremesa Session where we explored the topic of compassion. Overall I was pleased with how it went and got some great feedback. There are a couple of tweaks to make for next time but nothing major.

📢 This week’s newsletter was about community. It clearly struck a chord as a few people immediately shared it with their networks. That was a nice reminder that if you write something that resonates other people will shout about it for you.

📖 During this week’s daily mindfulness sessions our prompts have all been about habits. Instead of journaling in response to these, I’ve chosen to start building a habit of 30 minutes non-fiction reading. It helped me to finally start reading Spring Cannot be Cancelled.

🍾 On Friday night we had our first takeaway in a while. And for no reason other than we wanted to, we shared a bottle of champagne with our fish and chip supper.

🏑 Saturday saw the last hockey match of the season. We made hard work of it during the first half which ended 1-1. Thankfully we found our stride for the second half and scored a further three goals with no reply; two of which are contenders for goal of the season.

⚽ To take advantage of the last of the sunshine before the weather turns we got the Metro up to near the airport to watch Newcastle United Women play Bradford City. Not the finest defensive performance from either team, it was 1-1 at half time. A penalty resulting from a foul by the last defender (who also received a red card) sealed the win for Newcastle, though they really should have had more after a couple of goal-line scrambles.