⚡ I spent a good chunk of my working time this week preparing for an event series I’m trialling. The first session is next week and I’m just ironing out the details ahead of that.

✉️ I delayed sending my newsletter and decided to switch to a new schedule of two emails per month. As work is getting busier I’ve noticed the quality diminishing as I try to keep up with the weekly schedule.

💰 Ahead of switching the structure of my business from a limited company to sole trader I’ve done a cashflow forecast and a load more financial admin.

📢 I’ve made the effort to continue consistent work on marketing. This has started with some thinking around what I’m trying to achieve and the different strategies that will get me there in a way that feels natural to me.

🔁 For a while I’ve been throwing ideas around with a colleague about how we can make our accountability groups a sustainable part of our businesses. This week I’ve been exploring memberships as a way of doing this.

✍️ Another decision, related to my goal of building a more consistent (non-work-related) writing habit is to restart the 100 days to offload challenge. I’ll post to my write.as blog a couple of time a week from the beginning of April.

🏑 Two big wins (and bonus clean sheets) for my hockey team this week. Mid-week we won 2-0 against a team who are right on our tail in the league. Then on Saturday we beat the team at the bottom of the table 5-0. The points and improved goal difference helped us leapfrog the team above us.

☀️ It’s really starting to feel like Spring. We’ve had sunshine all week, the daffs are blooming and I wore shorts all week (much to the consternation of some of my fellow freelance friends)!

🏰 I started reading Titus Alone and tried to explain the bonkers world of Gormenghast to some friends.

🗡️ And I binged season 3 of Killing Eve after realising I hadn’t seen it yet. I gave up after S2 which was more than a little ridiculous. Thankfully S3 gets back to basics.