Weeknote 10/22

🏃 Started the week running a sub 35-minute 5k. This is an achievement on two fronts 1) I’ve not run this far all year 2) I rarely run faster than 7 minutes per km (on average).

💻 Monday to Wednesday afternoons I attended virtual co-working sessions (one of which I hosted). I find these really helpful when I’ve got more routine tasks to work on as they both help me to focus on one thing at a time, and also give me a chance to chat during the breaks.

🐠 Over the past month or two we’ve been making plans to run an open week to share what goes on in our accountability group. We made the event live this week.

📝 I’ve created a more detailed outline for my first group coaching programme and have a couple of people signed up for a pilot to start in May.

📢 I made progress on the one area of the business that I really drag my feet over: marketing. This includes blocking time for it each week on my calendar and a list of tasks I can turn to to minimise decision making.

📰 This week’s newsletter was all about defining progress.

⏱️ I did an experiment tracking how I spend my time over a week, mostly out of curiosity and to see if there are any patterns or areas I want to change. To do this I assigned each 30 minute block to one of six broad categories: work, rest, exercise, morning routine, nourishment and other. My initial observations show that I’m pretty consistent every day of the week and I have no problems with prioritising rest! Next, I may take one of the categories and break it down to record more detailed level of activity.

🎳 Went bowling with my hockey team and then was encouraged to continue the fun with a few beers in town. Unexpectedly stayed out until 2AM… and then discovered after only 5 hours sleep why I don’t do that more often!

🏑 We managed to hold off the team at the top of the league for about 60 minutes before the deadlock was broken. The attack did their best to claw one back but the game ended in a 1-0 loss. There are definite positives to take away even though we might feel disappointed with the result. Just three matches left of the season.

🎆 Ended the week attending the festival finale of North of the Tyne Under the Stars. The projections were mixed but it was worth it just to see the Zoetrope on the Civic Centre (pictured below)

Emma Cragg @ekcragg