🤹 This week I’ve been working on four main projects and felt like I took significant steps forward in each of them. I generally find that having more to do makes me more efficient, plus there’s the benefit of being able to switch project when I’m bored/stuck/need some variety.

📆 I shared the details of an event I want to trial and got some immediate registrations. Although I was a little disappointed that there was zero response from one community I shared it with. There’s a lesson in that at least.

💰 I talked to a couple of new accountants about some upcoming changes to my business model and how they can support me.

💬 Conversations continued to get feedback on a new group coaching programme I’m working on. I’ve got enough to revise the offer ready to re-test with a wider audience.

📢 I joined a small group of fellow freelancers to chat about our approaches to and challenges with marketing. I came away with a load of ideas for how to make marketing work for me. And by that I mean make it something I actually do rather than indefinitely put off!

⏳ I’ve accepted that I only ever work a half-day on Friday. I’m actively trying not to become the freelancer in this web comic.

🏃 Pleased that I broadly kept to my exercise plan, including hockey training in the torrential rain on Wednesday. It was a small session but sometimes they’re the most fun.

🏑 We got a good result from Saturday’s hockey match. Another 0—0 draw with a local university team, that included surviving a penalty corner in the final seconds of the match. Oh and I was voted joint player of the match!

🥞 I hadn’t planned to have pancakes on Shrove Tuesday. As it also fell on St David’s Day I decided to make Welsh Cakes instead.

🐦 My dusk walks continued, and included a longer one on Sunday evening. On the home stretch I spotted a treecreeper.