Let’s try this again. I drafted most of my weeknote yesterday but committed the cardinal error of doing so directly in the browser and then accidentally closed the tab before I was done!

I’m trying on a different structure inspired by maique’s ThingsThisWeek.

⏸️ I finished reading Do Pause by Robert Poynton. It was jam packed full of ideas that connect to my work and how I try to approach life in general. I wrote up some initial thoughts for my newsletter.

💡 I made some meaningful progress on a couple of projects I’m trying to get off the ground. First, I’ve set up some customer research conversations for a new group coaching programme. Then, I had an idea for a monthly conversation club which I’m going to develop and test over the next month.

❓ This week’s coaching involved exploring what it means to “be productive” and helping a client with prep for an interview.

💸 I did a long overdue financial review and made a plan for the rest of the year. I finally feel clear about where I am and what I need to do next.

💻 I got a lead on some possible desk space at a local content agency through a former colleague. I’ve been searching for some out of the house workspace since the end of lockdown but everything has been too cold (not temperature wise) and corporate. I’m optimistic about how this could work out.

🕘 I updated my /now page for the first time this year.

🥌 I spent a lot of time over the weekend watching curling and ice hockey on catch up. That doesn’t come without its challenges — I had two match results revealed to me before I could get around to them.

🛌🏽 We gave a bed to some friends while they were passing through town this weekend. I’ve only seen them briefly since I moved back up north and it was so good to have the opportunity to catch up properly.

👨🏼‍🍳 I’m feeling pretty smug about my cooking this week. First, my wife requested chicken kiev for our Valentine’s meal and then I decided to attempt a fancy looking pie for dinner with our friends. Both surpassed expectations.

🏝️ After some scrutiny of the diary I booked our summer holiday. The island emoji might lead you to think we’re going somewhere tropical when in fact we’re staying relatively close to home… in Scotland. It’s no less beautiful than a tropical island and crucially for me involves far less stress (for that read no airports or planes) to get there.

🛋️ Oh yeah, and we ordered a new sofa.