Let’s get right to it…

Home – Cleaned the flat on Monday evening and what a difference it makes to the experience living and working at home during the week! I’m really going to make a concerted effort to do this regularly so doesn’t become a “big thing”. Keeping up with my intention to strengthen connections with friends, I’ve been in touch with some friends from a previous life… hopefully they’re coming to stay later this month so we can catch up properly. I also wrote to some people I met on my travels around a decade ago. And I decided to update this heading from friends and family as it often involves stuff not related to people.

Work – I don’t have a huge amount to show for my work this week, however I made some big decisions. The first was about whether to get involved as an associate on a new project. This coincided with thinking about the projects I want to push forward for my own business. The end result was that the two don’t really align so I’ve decided to focus on doing my own thing, at least for now. That all led to a review of my goals for the year and coming months and a brain dump of all the associated tasks.

Other than that, I spent some time working outside the house this week. It’s amazing how a different environment can help shift things. My aim is to make this a weekly event.

Development – I started reading Do Pause by Robert Poynton. It grabbed me from the start and I can tell it will be a book I return to regularly. I’ve also found an in-person conference I want to go to in a few months and am looking to join a new coaching supervision group. Related to the decision making that went on this week, I’ve started a new journal specifically to record these things.

Hobbies – Two hockey matches. Two losses. The less said about that the better. I didn’t get to the next class on my “How to draw birds” course, but I did stop off at RSPB Saltholme on my way home from one of those hockey matches to do some bird watching. Although most of the birds were sensibly sheltering from the strong wind and freezing rain, I did see a kestrel, a heron, a lapwing (I think) and hoards of goldfinch.

Health – I hadn’t realised it until someone asked me how I’m feeling physically, but I’ve been back to 100% for the past couple of weeks. That’s a real relief as there was a moment mid-January that I thought I’d never get over the persistent after effects on the non-Covid virus I had before Christmas. To mark this improvement in fitness, I started strength training again.

Looking ahead, this week I need to start unpicking that big ‘ol list of tasks I wrote and start prioritising project work.