Every weekend when I catch up with my parents they ask how the week has been. Mostly I can’t recall what’s happened… perhaps I should start writing my weeknote before I speak to them?

Friends and family – There are some weeks where Izzy and I are ships that pass in the night, or rather over the dinner table. We snatch half an hour together while we eat our tea between work and evening meetings. This was one of those weeks. It was good therefore to have a bonus day together on Saturday after my hockey was called off. We went to the cinema to see Belfast and returned home for a steak dinner. Other than that my only socialising this week was a quick pint with my pal after work on Friday.

Work – This week was really up and down work wise. There was some real highs: running the first of this year’s monthly planning sessions and delivering a talk on sustainable productivity, based on these nine principles, for Postgraduate students at the University of Glasgow. And a few lows: an unfocused day, where I frustrated myself by neither committing to work or taking the time off, and a disagreement with my accountant. Nevertheless when it came to reviewing my week with the accountability group on Friday, I’d got everything done that I set out to do.

Development – Another week with little on the development front. We’re back up and running with the daily community mindfulness space, which I host once a week, and it’s good to be back in that routine as a way of starting the day.

Hobbies – Storm Malik put the kibosh on this week’s hockey match by blowing the goals around the pitch making it unsafe to play. In lieu of playing sport myself I’ve been listening to a lot on the radio during the night and early morning with action underway in the Women’s Ashes and the second week of the Australian Open. Other than that, I’ve done the first lessons and exercises in an art course on how to draw birds and am really getting into my new book, Saltwater.

I’m looking forward to a quieter week. My focus will be getting back into having some structure in my working day, blocking time for work on both the things that need doing and longer term goals/projects.