Well here I am back for another overdue weeknote. Maybe I just need to accept that Monday is my weeknote publishing day? Although I didn’t think I’d get to it at all today but then my 5PM discovery call was a no show, so here we are….

Friends and family – Two good friends came to me this week presenting conundrums they’re dealing with. I was able to offer a listening ear and space to bounce around ideas. This is the strength of our friendships. One came back for food later in the week and it felt so good to cook for folk again. Izzy and I have been making a conscious effort to eat at the table instead of in front of the TV and I’m really enjoying the conversations we’re having.

Work – I really felt like I was chasing my tail at the start of the week with so many back-to-back appointments. It’s a way of working I so rarely do, and I’m supremely grateful for that. I managed to catch up with myself later in the week, despite a couple of personal appointments breaking up the days on Wednesday and Thursday. I sent out my newsletter after the week off, wrote the outline for a talk I’m delivering next week and starting thinking about the next steps to get a group coaching programme off the ground.

Development – This week’s sole development activity was a session with my own coach.

Hobbies – I managed to get back on the hockey pitch this week, first for training and then a match at the weekend. I’m glad I gave myself a bit more time and took it gently to start. I suffered a little after training but am pleased to say there’s been no side effects from the match. This week I also finished my first book of 2022: The Books of Earthsea by Ursula K Le Guin. Well when I say book, it’s actually seven books in one (plus assorted afterwords and essays) and I started it last year!

Health – I’m feeling back to my best this week after various issues through December and the first couple of weeks of January. As well as hockey I’m increasing exercise again, this week with a couple of sessions of yoga and a run. Izzy’s also requested a slight change to our eating habits as we’ve both put on some unwanted weight. I’m enjoying finding new things to put on the menu.

In the coming week I’ve got another busy few days up first. They focus is a talk I’m giving to new Postgraduate students on Wednesday.