Here we are again. I’m happy to report I’m on schedule for writing my second weeknote of the year. I’ve even done some prep for this one pats myself on the back. So here goes…

Friends and family – I enjoyed some serendipitous meetings this week. First I bumped into a former co-worker in the park and had a lovely catch-up. Then I had a spur of the moment drink with a friend who happened to be passing the cafe I was in. One of the things I’ve not quite figured out (despite nearly two years of on/off furlough and wfh) is how to get meaningful work done when my partner is at home. She was here two days this week. We did OK but I’m determined to crack it this month as she has a lot of holiday to use up so will be home more frequently.

Work – This week was mostly one about seeking out and siezing opportunities. I had a great call about a new project that’s starting up which I’m keen to get involved in. It’s early days but I think once the ball is rolling it’s going to move fast. We’ve had some enquries about developing our accountability group model for different communities and I’ve started the groundwork to make a promo video for them. And lastly I’ve started exploring the idea of a new group coaching programme for freelancers.

Health and wellbeing – It’s been sunny this week and I think I’d forgotten how much that improves my mood for the better. I’ve had some lovely walks both in the early afternoon and at dusk. Hockey started up this week but I’m not ready to return yet. I have ventured out for a couple of short runs to test my energy level and lungs. I did OK and feel I’m in better shape than I feared. I did get a migraine after my second run of the week though not sure if it’s connected 🤷

Hobbies – I’ve not done much recreational reading or making this week as I’ve worked a couple of evenings. I did however make my first eraser stamps (while watching snooker).

Development – I ran community journaling sessions four mornings this week and attended part of AgileNE’s meetup on facilitating hybrid events.

Next week is looking pretty busy. Monday is practically a full day of meetings which is quite rare for me. One thing I need to be mindful of is keeping up with the routines that help me stay on an even keel, especially getting out every day for some fresh air.