Among many other things, one of the habits I want to build this year is writing up my weekly review as a weeknote.

Last week I shared some intentions for the year under five categories:

  • family and friends
  • work
  • health and wellbeing
  • hobbies
  • personal development

I’m going to use these categories for my ongoing weeknote series. I figure this will both help give me a structure for each post and also encourage me to keep those intentions for the year front of mind.

Friends and family – I got off to a good start with my intentions here. First I went for a mid-week pint with my best buddy. It’s our usual routine to go to the pub on Fridays to drink beer and play cards. I couldn’t do that this week so I’m glad we managed to still meet up. I wasn’t around on Friday because we went away for the weekend to visit friends in Coventry. I can highly recommend scheduling something like this for the end of your first week back at work.

Work – It was a slow start to the year for me and I really needed that as a transition out of doing nothing for a full two weeks over Christmas and New Year. I spent my time reconnecting with coaching clients and booking in future sessions, kicking off January’s accountability group, doing my accounts and making decisions about how I want to spend my time this year. I also wrote and sent my first newsletter of 2022.

Health and wellbeing – We were dog-sitting this week so there were plenty of walks. I particularly enjoyed going out as the sun was setting and may consider shifting my daily walk to this time for a while. I’m still recovering from a month of illness so haven’t been doing anything more active than these walks. I’m really glad to be feeling better though and am starting to get itchy feet to get back to more strenuous exercise.

Hobbies – I did little in the way of reading this week largely due to not quite being back to my usual weekday morning routine. I’ve missed it, so that’s a high priority for next week. Similarly, I’ve done a lot of thinking about my linocut project but not made a start on it yet.

Personal development – This week I restarted morning journaling thanks to the accountability of the community journaling group I’m part of. It felt so good both to start the day getting words out of my head and onto paper, and to catch up with a few other group members.

Next week (well actually this week as I’m late publishing this!) I’ve got a conversation booked in about some possible associate work and am restarting coaching sessions with a couple of clients. I’ll also start doing some gentle exercise and get back into my weekday routines.