So, if all goes to plan it looks like life will expand beyond the four walls of the home gradually over the next four months. It’s nice to be able to think about making tentative plans for seeing family and friends in the not too distant future.

As with most news these days, however, I’ll wait for the dust to settle and then only proceed with cautious optimism. The caution is largely around the details. I’m already hearing people pin their hopes on the dates that are mentioned in each step, speculating on when they may return to work, the gym, the pub or book the next holiday. But we need to be clear these are the earliest possible dates and it’s highly likely they will change.

My preference is simply to think about the order that things will happen - this, then that, then that… And instead of thinking months ahead, to look forward a week or two at the most. It’s easier then to come to terms with the inevitable shifts that happen. I think my stock phrase for the next few months will be ‘let’s wait and see.’

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