I love Saturdays. A day to unwind and have fun. A day to really switch off and relax. Here’s what a typical lockdown Saturday looks like…

  • Wake around 8 and read in bed until I start to get hungry.
  • Breakfast, usually eggs and coffee.
  • FaceTime with my parents to chat and do the crossword. This is something we’d do when we stay with them that we’ve made a weekly ritual during the pandemic.
  • Lunch, usually a homemade soup.
  • Walk, I try to get out every day for an hour or so.
  • The rest of the afternoon is given over to whatever sport is on. Today for example I’ve listened to football on the radio, and watched rugby and football matches.
  • Tea is often leftovers or a takeaway as Saturday is my night off cooking. Tonight we’ve got a rather fine curry I made yesterday. And a couple of beers of course!
  • We round of the day with a film or a board game. Tonight we’re playing a new one; Forbidden Island.

To be fair, I don’t think my Saturdays before the pandemic were that different. You’d just need to factor in a hockey match in place of the walk.

What does your perfect Saturday look like?

— This is day 17 of my #100DaysToOffload challenge. Want to get involved? Find out more at 100daystooffload.com