It can be lonely working for yourself. You may see people regularly, but meetings with clients are no proxy for having a team around you.

I’m grateful for the advice I got when I first went freelance to make sure I didn’t spend all my time at home in my office. It prompted me to join a local co-working group and attend sessions at least once a month. Later I spent more time co-working, with at least one day per week among the community at Good Space, where I later rented a shared office.

Since the start of the pandemic the ability to go out to co-working spaces and work side-by-side with people has obviously been restricted. Sadly this means that many places, Good Space included, have had to close.

I’m grateful however to other initiatives that create a community for freelancers and other solo-workers. This morning I joined a virtual co-working session run by my local group. Last week I attended daily pomodoro sessions from Othership. And every day I check in with the Leapers community.

There are plenty more communities and sessions like this out there. If you’re a freelancer or self-employed and feeling lonely or isolated then I’d pass on the piece of advice given to me – find yourself some co-workers.

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