For the most part I sit in silence while I work. However, I’ve got a new clock in my office and it has THE LOUDEST TICK EVER. I have superhuman hearing, so it’s probably not even that loud, this just means that repetitive sounds like this really bug me. So I’ve been thinking a lot about soundtracks that are conducive for work.

When I worked for universities in open plan offices sound was essential for a happy work day. In the quest to quiet the ticking clock I’ve found myself returning to some old habits.

My soundtrack for routine, dare I say repetitive, tasks that don’t require a lot of thinking on my part is generally something I can sing along or tap my foot to. Some favourites are:

When I’m working with words music won’t cut it. Even instrumental. Instead, I prefer some sounds of nature. Services like Online Background Noises and Noisili let me craft a unique mix of the elements. And very occasionally I’ll opt for a bit of coffee shop ambience, perhaps with some rain beating on the windows and a roaring fire in the corner.

What is your soundtrack of choice?

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