In preparation for starting this writing challenge I decided to make some tweaks to the setup of this blog. There’s a new theme and an archive so you can browse or search older posts.

I’ve also set up federation. That may sound fancy but makes it as easy as checking a box in the settings. What this means is that people can now follow this blog in the fediverse.

My main exploration of the fediverse is through Mastodon. I have the loosest grasp on how it all works so won’t try to explain it. If you want to learn more watch this video explainer from a user’s perspective. I found the part that explains local and federated instances (or servers) using the analogy of villages and towns particularly helpful.

If that’s piqued your interest and you want to give Mastodon a try, here are a couple of handy guides:

You can find me at (although I have a request to join awaiting approval, so watch this space).

This is day two of my #100DaysToOffload challenge. Want to get involved? Find out more at