The fact that after two months I’ve finally finished reading ducks, Newburyport, the fact that I got into the rhythm of it quite early on but it felt like a slog nontheless, the fact that overall I’d say I enjoyed the insight into one person’s mind, stream of consciousness, mountain lion, gun violence, mother-daughter relationships, polluted water, the fact that I could have done with less Laura Ingalls Wilder chat, the fact that all sense of time got distorted, sleep, wake, childhood memories, day-after-day, the fact that both nothing happened and everything happened, key events, flood, runaway, home invasion, mountain lion, the fact that it’s a real feat of thought and creativity, the fact that I made cinamon rolls during the time I was reading this, but I don’t have a Candy-Apple Red kneeding machine, the fact that now it’s over I kind of miss her voice.

Tags: #reading #may2020 #cv19 #lockdown